"Jazz Violin with a Playful and Expressive Twist"


Jelle van Tongeren is a highly acclaimed jazz violinist, composer, and educator with over two decades of experience in the industry. His impressive career has seen him perform in some of the world's most prestigious venues and festivals, including New York, South Korea, and all over Europe. Jelle has also collaborated with numerous renowned artists, such as Mozes Rosenberg, Reinier Voet, Robin Nolan, and Paulus Schäfer, and played with bands like, the Reinier Voet Kwartet, Nikitov, and The Busquitos. His unique style, characterized by virtuosic improvisation and soulful melodies, draws inspiration from jazz, gypsy, and world music. In addition to his performance career, Jelle is a dedicated educator, passionate about teaching violinists the art of improvisation and helping them develop their own musical identity.


Mozes Rosenberg & Jelle Van Tongeren Quartet is a dynamic and exciting gypsy jazz group that showcases the incredible talents of both Mozes Rosenberg and Jelle van Tongeren. Mozes Rosenberg has rightfully earned his place as one of the most renowned and exceptional gypsy jazz virtuosos of our time, captivating audiences worldwide with his virtuosity and unparalleled musicality. The quartet combines traditional gypsy jazz with contemporary jazz influences to create a truly unique sound, and they also play original compositions by Mozes Rosenberg and Jelle. With Jelle on violin and Mozes on guitar, the quartet also features Martijn van den Brink on double bass and Daniel Rosenberg on rhythm guitar. Their performances are characterized by virtuosic improvisation and tight, energetic rhythms, making for an unforgettable live experience.

The Reinier Voet Kwartet is a jazz group led by guitarist Reinier Voet, featuring Jelle van Tongeren on violin, Misscha Kool on double bass, and Harold Berghuis on guitar. Their music is a modern acoustic jazz/world blend that is unique to Reinier's compositions, with influences from contemporary jazz, balkan music, and some Django Reinhardt. Reinier's compositions are marked by intricate arrangements and stunning musicianship, with each member of the group given ample opportunity to showcase their talents. Their performances are a true reflection of their passion and dedication to creating exceptional jazz music

The Busquitos are a Dutch band that brings together swing, world, and cabaret to create a unique and entertaining sound. The band features Thomas Streutgers on saxophone, Jelle van Tongeren on violin, Matthieu Cleine on double bass and vocals, and Lex Reerink on guitar. Their performances are lively and engaging, with the band often incorporating audience participation and humor into their shows. The Busquitos have earned a reputation as one of the most entertaining live acts, and their music is enjoyed by audiences of all ages.


13 august 2023, Harmonia Cordis International Guitar Festival, Romania, Mozes Rosenberg & Jelle Van Tongeren Quartet

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This video features a performance by Mozes Rosenberg & Jelle Van Tongeren Quartet playing Balkan bop during the recording of their EP "Fonkel Nova".

Enjoy this live performance video of The Busquitos during their Korean tour, showcasing their upbeat and entertaining music style.


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